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"The Other Shore" Special Edition Vinyl


on 200 gram "smoke" vinyl

There's an embossed cover, pop up planet in the center, gatefold, 200 gram vinyl and download code.

"The Other Shore" is our 8th LP and the 3rd we have done pre-orders through Kickstarter. It was released on August 24th, 2018, by Bloodshot Records.

"The Other Shore" is basically a space western without guns, aliens or battles. It's about a ravaged earth and love that spans an impossible distance. One character flees the dying Earth and the other stays behind, eventually realizing their mistake and boarding a shuttle in an attempt to rejoin their loved one. Most of the story happens during the long journey, where the narrator has (too much) time to reflect on the past. It has manic highs and deep dark lows; brutally raw moments of realization and self-doubt. It's an epic journey that we poured our hearts into. There are moments of vintage MBD as well as new musical explorations.