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As We Wish 10" Vinyl


As We Wish is 6 cover songs, one chosen by each band member, plus a bonus cover of TLC's Creep, as promised as a bonus kickstarter gag. It's printed on a 10" record, knocking off the cover of The Highwaymen album.

Waltz #2 by Elliott Smith (chosen by David)
Highwayman by The Highwaymen (chosen by Sarah)
The Logical Song by Supertramp (chosen by Tyler)
Unravel by Bjork (chosen by Adam)
XTC Vs Adam Ant by They Might Be Giants (chosen by Emma)
We Have Heaven by Yes (chosen by Dagan)
Creep by TLC (Because we promised on the Kickstarter)

Art by Ryan Browne / layout by Birch Miller
Recorded by Kevin Ratterman & Anne Gauthier
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Ratterman